Masport Lawnmowers


Every lawn is different which is why Masport has developed a comprehensive range of lawn and garden equipment. Masport mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. The models in the Masport range are feature rich, innovative and truly high performance mowers. Regardless of whether you see taking care of your lawn as a pleasure or a chore, Masport has the equipment to help you realise your vision, while suiting your lifestyle and budget.

Proudly designed and engineered in New Zealand and sold all around the world.


Hose fitting point on the housing to clean the housing while the mower engine is running, increasing the life of the chassis and improving cutting efficiency.

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Adjustable Dual Bearing Wheels
Masport's ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut the wheels can easily be adjusted if they become loose after significant use.

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Mow without the catcher, and avoid the messy grass clumps. The patented Masport Smartchute® will side discharge a clean spread of clippings as you mow to leave your lawn looking wonderful. Just engage the unique feature and begin mowing.

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The Masport Chipperchute is an innovative development in lawn mowing that means your mower can do more than cut grass. The Chipperchute actually chips branches up to 35mm in diameter using the additional chipper blade and turns them into useful mulch. As branches are chipped the chips are fed back into the catcher so you can put the mulch into your compost or garden.

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Naturally recycles the grass by recutting it and feeding it back into your lawn.

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Zone Start
The conveniently positioned starter cord eliminates the need to bend all the way down to pull-start, reducing the risk of back strain.
Masport Dual Mowzone ®
With the blade coverage extending beyond the wheel width on both sides, the mower can cut closer to walls, kerbs and fences, giving a cleaner finish to your lawn.

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Masport Combo
Combination of Catch and Mulch options on these mowers.

3'N 1
These mowers have a combination of catch, mulch and side discharge options.

4'N 1
These mowers have a combination of catch, mulch, side discharge and chip options.
Handle Lift System
With the Handle Lift System, removing and re-installing the catcher is so easy. Just press down on the foot pedal to release the handle!

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Self Propelled
Let the mower do the work, These models are fitted with a self drive system, all you need to do is squeeze the handle.



Masport Bar Blade
One piece bar blade for efficient cutting and mulching. These are fitted as standard for all USA models.
Masport Quickcut® Blade
For superior cutting, mulching and catching performance Masport mowers are fitted with unique blade cutting systems. The Masport Quickcut® blade is a top quality - specially designed blade for cutting and mulching.
Masport Quickcut® with Chipper Blade
The additional chipper blade allows your mower to chip branches up to 1 3/8" into garden mulch, when fed through the mower via the Chipperchute.
Masport Two/Four Blade Disc
Masport mowers such as the MSV® range are fitted with a specially designed two or four blade disc system, great for catching due to increased airflow.

Both the Masport Quickcut®, 2-blade disc system & 4-blade disc system blades have a swingback feature, designed to protect the crankshaft from damage should the mower hit a solid object.



18" Plastic Catcher
A sturdy long lasting plastic catcher that holds 1.4 bushels of grass clippings.
18" Fabric Catcher
Light weight fabric catcher on a sturdy steel frame. Well vented for excellent catching performance. Will hold 1.4 bushels on 200ST & 350ST machines.
21" Fabric Catcher
Light weight fabric catcher on a sturdy steel frame. Well vented for excellent catching performance. Will hold 2 bushels..
21" Aero Catcher
A stylish combination plastic & fabric extra large catcher which can hold 2 bushels of grass clippings. This catcher is well vented to provide superior catching performance.


Handle Systems

Handle Types

Upturned Handle
Sturdy handle with upturned design for added comfort.
MSV Ergo Handle
Ergonomic adjustable height handle with soft grip.

Handle Types

Knob Locks
Allows your handle to fold down for storage or transportation.
Cam Locks
Alloys for quick and easy fold down of the handle for storage or transportation of your mower.
Ergo Adjustable Cam Locks
Multiple handle height adjustment to combat back strain. Easy fold down for storage.

Handle Grips

PVC Grip
For added comfort.
Soft Grip
Impact resistant soft grip for added comfort.

Lower Handles

Two piece stub handle
One piece reinforced lower 'U' handle